Aluminium Ute Trays

Aluminium Ute Trays For Sale

Are you on the hunt for a heavy-duty canopy for your ute, but don’t want it taking up the whole tray space? Mates Rates Tools have the perfect solution for you!

When it comes down to partial canopies that have been built to last, there’s nothing out there quite like our aluminium ute trays for sale. We are based in Brisbane and Sydney but ship to the Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne and all over Australia. Aussie weather is renowned for its extremes, so you need a canopy that’ll go the distance. At Mates Rates Tools, we are well-versed in Aussie’s extreme weather and have designed our products accordingly. As a result, their quality is top-shelf.

What is it that makes them so well-made?

It’s made from a sturdy, thick 2.5mm check plate aluminium, featuring rubber seals lining the two opposing doors which protect from weather (which further protects the contents of the canopy), and each door has two lockable T-locks and full-length piano type hinges.

If you’re looking for any additions we offer, you’ll be happy to learn that we can add ladder racks as an optional extra. Further to this, the length or width dimensions of this part-tray for sale may be customised to suit your specifications.

Like all of our products, this comes with a 12 month structural warranty, because we truly believe in our products and know they have been built to the highest of standards.

Need some more information?

If you have some questions that haven’t been answered on our website about anything we have for sale, please feel free to call us at 1300 650 090. We’re also available through email and online form, and will respond to your enquiry ASAP.

While our showrooms are situated in Brisbane and Sydney we will actually ship anywhere within Australia. So whether you’re on the Gold Coast or over in Perth (or anywhere in between) call us and we will provide you with a quote for freight charges.

As well as the part aluminium ute trays we’ve got for sale, we can also help you if you’re in the market for:

No matter what it is you’re looking for in the way of accessorising your ute, whether it’s for business purposes or you’re after solutions for 4WD and other types of journeys, we can help you.