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The Specialty Suppliers of Aluminium Tool Boxes

Get your hands on one of our high quality products to ensure your assets are kept safe. Whilst individual tools may not be overly expensive, as your set grows, so too does the overall price tag. Having all of your tools stolen can place a huge financial burden on your shoulders, and means you are incapable of completing upcoming contracts until you have freed up enough cash to replace them all. Missing out on these potentially valuable jobs can prove even more detrimental than the cost of losing the tools themselves. Don’t put yourself at risk. Invest in one of our superior-quality, aluminium ute tool boxes available in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, the Gold Coast and beyond.

Our ute tool boxes are built to last

Our durable products are designed to offer the upmost in security and safeguard your tools whilst your ute is unattended in your driveway or at a construction site. Rest easy knowing that you’ve invested in a reliable product which had been crafted by the leading professionals in the industry. As well as resisting any would-be thieves, our range has also been designed to stand up to Mother Nature herself. Boasting a robust outer design and weather resistant rubber seals, your tools will be kept safe from the best the Australian outdoors has to throw at them.

We can tailor design our solutions to meet your needs

We understand that every tradie’s requirements are unique. This is why we offer customisation on our aluminium tool boxes within Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and the Gold Coast so that you can get the most out of your purchase. This option also applies to our aluminium ute canopies, which also comes in a range of sizes. Take a look at our range of accessories and optional extras to see how we can design a solution specifically for you

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Any questions? Feel free to give us a call on 1300 650 090 so we can help. Reach us on and one of our team members will gladly run you throughout product range and offer an appropriate solution.